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C++ websocket client/server library
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websocketpp::config::asio_tls_client Struct Reference

Client config with asio transport and TLS enabled. More...

#include <asio_client.hpp>

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struct  transport_config

Public Types

typedef asio_tls_client type
typedef core_client base
typedef base::concurrency_type concurrency_type
typedef base::request_type request_type
typedef base::response_type response_type
typedef base::message_type message_type
typedef base::con_msg_manager_type con_msg_manager_type
typedef base::endpoint_msg_manager_type endpoint_msg_manager_type
typedef base::alog_type alog_type
typedef base::elog_type elog_type
typedef base::rng_type rng_type
typedef websocketpp::transport::asio::endpoint< transport_configtransport_type
- Public Types inherited from websocketpp::config::core_client
typedef core_client type
typedef websocketpp::concurrency::basic concurrency_type
typedef http::parser::request request_type
typedef http::parser::response response_type
typedef message_buffer::message< message_buffer::alloc::con_msg_managermessage_type
typedef message_buffer::alloc::con_msg_manager< message_typecon_msg_manager_type
typedef message_buffer::alloc::endpoint_msg_manager< con_msg_manager_typeendpoint_msg_manager_type
typedef websocketpp::log::basic< concurrency_type, websocketpp::log::elevelelog_type
 Logging policies.
typedef websocketpp::log::basic< concurrency_type, websocketpp::log::alevelalog_type
typedef websocketpp::random::random_device::int_generator< uint32_t, concurrency_typerng_type
 RNG policies.
typedef websocketpp::transport::iostream::endpoint< transport_configtransport_type
 Transport Endpoint Component.
typedef websocketpp::endpoint_base endpoint_base
 User overridable Endpoint base class.
typedef websocketpp::connection_base connection_base
 User overridable Connection base class.
typedef websocketpp::extensions::permessage_deflate::disabled< permessage_deflate_configpermessage_deflate_type

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from websocketpp::config::core_client
static bool const enable_multithreading = true
static const long timeout_open_handshake = 5000
 Default timer values (in ms) More...
static const long timeout_close_handshake = 5000
 Length of time before a closing handshake is aborted.
static const long timeout_pong = 5000
 Length of time to wait for a pong after a ping.
static const int client_version = 13
 WebSocket Protocol version to use as a client. More...
static const websocketpp::log::level elog_level
 Default static error logging channels. More...
static const websocketpp::log::level alog_level
 Default static access logging channels. More...
static const size_t connection_read_buffer_size = 16384
static const bool drop_on_protocol_error = false
 Drop connections immediately on protocol error. More...
static const bool silent_close = false
 Suppresses the return of detailed connection close information. More...
static const size_t max_message_size = 32000000
 Default maximum message size. More...
static const size_t max_http_body_size = 32000000
 Default maximum http body size. More...
static const bool enable_extensions = true
 Global flag for enabling/disabling extensions.

Detailed Description

Client config with asio transport and TLS enabled.

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