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websocketpp::http::parser::request Class Reference

Stores, parses, and manipulates HTTP requests. More...

#include <request.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef request type
typedef lib::shared_ptr< typeptr

Public Member Functions

size_t consume (char const *buf, size_t len)
 Process bytes in the input buffer. More...
bool ready () const
 Returns whether or not the request is ready for reading.
std::string raw () const
 Returns the full raw request (including the body)
std::string raw_head () const
 Returns the raw request headers only (similar to an HTTP HEAD request)
void set_method (std::string const &method)
 Set the HTTP method. Must be a valid HTTP token.
std::string const & get_method () const
 Return the request method.
void set_uri (std::string const &uri)
 Set the HTTP uri. Must be a valid HTTP uri.
std::string const & get_uri () const
 Return the requested URI.
- Public Member Functions inherited from websocketpp::http::parser::parser
std::string const & get_version () const
 Get the HTTP version string. More...
void set_version (std::string const &version)
 Set HTTP parser Version. More...
std::string const & get_header (std::string const &key) const
 Get the value of an HTTP header. More...
bool get_header_as_plist (std::string const &key, parameter_list &out) const
 Extract an HTTP parameter list from a parser header. More...
header_list const & get_headers () const
 Return a list of all HTTP headers. More...
void append_header (std::string const &key, std::string const &val, lib::error_code &ec)
 Append a value to an existing HTTP header. More...
void replace_header (std::string const &key, std::string const &val, lib::error_code &ec)
 Set a value for an HTTP header, replacing an existing value. More...
void remove_header (std::string const &key, lib::error_code &ec)
 Remove a header from the parser. More...
std::string const & get_body () const
 Get HTTP body. More...
void set_body (std::string const &value, lib::error_code &ec)
 Set body content. More...
size_t get_max_body_size () const
 Get body size limit. More...
void set_max_body_size (size_t value)
 Set body size limit. More...
bool parse_parameter_list (std::string const &in, parameter_list &out) const
 Extract an HTTP parameter list from a string. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from websocketpp::http::parser::parser
void process_header (std::string::iterator begin, std::string::iterator end)
 Process a header line. More...
bool prepare_body (lib::error_code &ec)
 Prepare the parser to begin parsing body data. More...
size_t process_body (char const *buf, size_t len)
 Process body data. More...
bool body_ready () const
 Check if the parser is done parsing the body. More...
std::string raw_headers () const
 Generate and return the HTTP headers as a string. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from websocketpp::http::parser::parser
std::string m_version
header_list m_headers
size_t m_header_bytes
std::string m_body
size_t m_body_bytes_needed
size_t m_body_bytes_max
body_encoding::value m_body_encoding

Detailed Description

Stores, parses, and manipulates HTTP requests.

http::request provides the following functionality for working with HTTP requests.

Definition at line 50 of file request.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ consume()

size_t websocketpp::http::parser::request::consume ( char const *  buf,
size_t  len 

Process bytes in the input buffer.

Process up to len bytes from input buffer buf. Returns the number of bytes processed. Bytes left unprocessed means bytes left over after the final header delimiters.

Consume is a streaming processor. It may be called multiple times on one request and the full headers need not be available before processing can begin. If the end of the request was reached during this call to consume the ready flag will be set. Further calls to consume once ready will be ignored.

Consume will throw an http::exception in the case of an error. Typical error reasons include malformed requests, incomplete requests, and max header size being reached.

bufPointer to byte buffer
lenSize of byte buffer
Number of bytes processed.

Definition at line 41 of file request.hpp.

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