WebSocket++  0.8.3-dev
C++ websocket client/server library
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websocketpp::log::alevel Struct Reference

Package of log levels for logging access events. More...

#include <levels.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static char const * channel_name (level channel)
 Get the textual name of a channel given a channel id. More...

Static Public Attributes

static level const none = 0x0
 Special aggregate value representing "no levels".
static level const connect = 0x1
 Information about new connections. More...
static level const disconnect = 0x2
 One line for each closed connection. Includes closing codes and reasons.
static level const control = 0x4
 One line per control frame.
static level const frame_header = 0x8
 One line per frame, includes the full frame header.
static level const frame_payload = 0x10
 One line per frame, includes the full message payload (warning: chatty)
static level const message_header = 0x20
static level const message_payload = 0x40
static level const endpoint = 0x80
static level const debug_handshake = 0x100
 Extra information about opening handshakes.
static level const debug_close = 0x200
 Extra information about closing handshakes.
static level const devel = 0x400
 Development messages (warning: very chatty)
static level const app = 0x800
 Special channel for application specific logs. Not used by the library.
static level const http = 0x1000
 Access related to HTTP requests.
static level const fail = 0x2000
 One line for each failed WebSocket connection with details.
static level const access_core = 0x00003003
static level const all = 0xffffffff
 Special aggregate value representing "all levels".

Detailed Description

Package of log levels for logging access events.

Definition at line 112 of file levels.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ channel_name()

static char const* websocketpp::log::alevel::channel_name ( level  channel)

Get the textual name of a channel given a channel id.

Get the textual name of a channel given a channel id. The id must be that of a single channel. Passing an aggregate channel package results in undefined behavior.

channelThe channelid to look up.
The name of the specified channel.

Definition at line 164 of file levels.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ access_core

level const websocketpp::log::alevel::access_core = 0x00003003

Aggregate package representing the commonly used core access channels Connect, Disconnect, Fail, and HTTP

Definition at line 150 of file levels.hpp.

◆ connect

level const websocketpp::log::alevel::connect = 0x1

Information about new connections.

One line for each new connection that includes a host of information including: the remote address, websocket version, requested resource, http code, remote user agent

Definition at line 121 of file levels.hpp.

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