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websocketpp::config::core::permessage_deflate_config Struct Reference

Extension specific settings: More...

#include <core.hpp>

Public Types

typedef core::request_type request_type

Static Public Attributes

static const bool allow_disabling_context_takeover = true
static const uint8_t minimum_outgoing_window_bits = 8

Detailed Description

Extension specific settings:

permessage_compress extension

Definition at line 260 of file core.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ allow_disabling_context_takeover

const bool websocketpp::config::core::permessage_deflate_config::allow_disabling_context_takeover = true

If the remote endpoint requests that we reset the compression context after each message should we honor the request?

Definition at line 265 of file core.hpp.

◆ minimum_outgoing_window_bits

const uint8_t websocketpp::config::core::permessage_deflate_config::minimum_outgoing_window_bits = 8

If the remote endpoint requests that we reduce the size of the LZ77 sliding window size this is the lowest value that will be allowed. Values range from 8 to 15. A value of 8 means we will allow any possible window size. A value of 15 means do not allow negotiation of the window size (ie require the default).

Definition at line 272 of file core.hpp.

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