WebSocket++  0.8.0-dev
C++ websocket client/server library
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websocketpp::frame::limits Namespace Reference

Constants related to frame and payload limits. More...


static unsigned int const basic_header_length = 2
 Minimum length of a WebSocket frame header.
static unsigned int const max_header_length = 14
 Maximum length of a WebSocket header.
static unsigned int const max_extended_header_length = 12
 Maximum length of the variable portion of the WebSocket header.
static uint8_t const payload_size_basic = 125
 Maximum size of a basic WebSocket payload.
static uint16_t const payload_size_extended = 0xFFFF
 Maximum size of an extended WebSocket payload (basic payload = 126)
static uint64_t const payload_size_jumbo = 0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFLL
 Maximum size of a jumbo WebSocket payload (basic payload = 127)
static uint8_t const close_reason_size = 123
 Maximum size of close frame reason. More...

Detailed Description

Constants related to frame and payload limits.

Variable Documentation

uint8_t const websocketpp::frame::limits::close_reason_size = 123

Maximum size of close frame reason.

This is payload_size_basic - 2 bytes (as first two bytes are used for the close code

Definition at line 169 of file frame.hpp.