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websocketpp::transport::asio::basic_socket::endpoint Class Reference

Basic ASIO endpoint socket component. More...

#include <none.hpp>

Public Types

typedef endpoint type
 The type of this endpoint socket component.
typedef connection socket_con_type
 The type of the corresponding connection socket component.
typedef socket_con_type::ptr socket_con_ptr

Public Member Functions

bool is_secure () const
 Checks whether the endpoint creates secure connections. More...
void set_socket_init_handler (socket_init_handler h)
 Set socket init handler. More...

Protected Member Functions

lib::error_code init (socket_con_ptr scon)
 Initialize a connection. More...

Detailed Description

Basic ASIO endpoint socket component.

transport::asio::basic_socket::endpoint implements an endpoint socket component that uses Boost ASIO's ip::tcp::socket.

Definition at line 315 of file none.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

The type of a shared pointer to the corresponding connection socket component.

Definition at line 324 of file none.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

lib::error_code websocketpp::transport::asio::basic_socket::endpoint::init ( socket_con_ptr  scon)

Initialize a connection.

Called by the transport after a new connection is created to initialize the socket component of the connection.

sconPointer to the socket component of the connection
Error code (empty on success)

Definition at line 357 of file none.hpp.

bool websocketpp::transport::asio::basic_socket::endpoint::is_secure ( ) const

Checks whether the endpoint creates secure connections.

Whether or not the endpoint creates secure connections

Definition at line 332 of file none.hpp.

void websocketpp::transport::asio::basic_socket::endpoint::set_socket_init_handler ( socket_init_handler  h)

Set socket init handler.

The socket init handler is called after a connection's socket is created but before it is used. This gives the end application an opportunity to set asio socket specific parameters.

hThe new socket_init_handler

Definition at line 344 of file none.hpp.

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